How to choose an electric heating table

How to choose an electric heating table
The multifunctional electric heating table is a multifunctional heater that integrates heating, foot warming, cooking, baking and furniture. It does not need to be collected all year round. The multifunctional electric heating table originated from. It was developed in Guizhou Province and is now on the market. There are more and more brands, so how to choose an electric heating table?
Make a budget: Before you buy something, the budget is very important. You can buy according to your own affordability and actual needs. This is especially true when buying an electric heating table. If you don’t know the type of electric heating table before going out, you can roughly calculate the size of the room first to buy an electric heating table with appropriate power. If you know some brands of electric heating tables, you can first imagine what brand and style of electric heater you want to buy.
Don’t blindly pursue high power: Generally, the power of the electric heater should be below 2000W, which is the current range that ordinary household wires can accommodate. Too high power is prone to the danger of short circuit. Its power is roughly calculated as: 100W is suitable for heating the space of 1 square meter. Most people will place the electric heating table very close to themselves when heating, so there is no need to choose too much electric heating table.
Focus on quality and details: There is a saying that “details determine success or failure”, not all products of major brands are safe, so we must carefully check the workmanship and quality of the products. For example, in the workmanship of the product connection, the connection between the film and the film should be close. The most important thing is to see if the product has the mandatory mark of Chinese products-3C certification. The more intuitive point is the thickness of the product wire. You have to ask the store clerk carefully.
It is best to choose a brand-name machine: the technical threshold of small household appliances such as electric heating tables is relatively low, and small manufacturers can also mass-produce. Some small manufacturers are shoddy in order to increase profits. Many technologies and materials used are substandard, not to mention the safety of products. Therefore, consumers are reminded that they must look for the brand when buying, and choose products of big brands. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but the after-sales service is also better.