How to choose the cabinet hand in hand

 Now the home design style style is diverse, gorgeous European and American style, beautiful pastoral style, elegant retro style, etc. , details are the key, so in the choice of furniture accessories, but also to choose accessories in line with the decoration style, such as cabinet hand in hand. Don’t look at the cupboard hand-in-hand small, kitchen as a frequent use of the place, cabinet hand-in-hand is also a often used thing.
How to choose the cabinet hand in hand.
First, look at the material. At present, the market, hand-in-hand materials are copper, ceramics, zinc alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Owners can match the right handles according to the style of the cupboards they choose. Generally speaking, the copper handle is suitable for matching European classical style cabinets, it seems quite expensive. However, the most commonly used is stainless steel handle, here to pay attention to the difference between 201 and 304 stainless steel, standard 201 stainless steel contains 1 nickel, 304 contains 8 nickel (generally 7.8 nickel or more), and 202 (including two nickel) price is slightly more expensive than 201, at present many metal mills are using 202 impersonation 201 (the medicinal water can not be detected), there is no doubt that this is the second good commercial behavior. Of course, Guiang’s 304 stainless steel rust resistance is certainly stronger than 201, the choice between the two, in addition to high-end home decoration with high-grade hand-held quality, low-grade home decoration with low-grade hand-held quality, but also to consider a lot of factors, such as the region’s rainfall and rain acidity analysis, coastal areas are best to choose 304 materials of stainless steel hand-pulling.
Second, the style. Hand-in-hand style is changeable, the shape is novel. Generally can be divided into embedded and external, hands-free 3 kinds, owners can be based on personal habits and needs to choose. The new “Kenya” introduced by Germany and Italy in 2009 is an embedded hand-held cabinet that is very practical and has been popular with many successful people in recent years. Families with small children can consider doing embedded hand-pulling or hand-free door-shaped designs because it doesn’t have prominent corners, kids don’t bump into them by mistake, and the overall line of the cabinet is more concise and fluid.
Third, the quality of identification. Good pull craft fine, flawless, thick texture, comfortable feel, owners can choose after oxidation treatment of the handle, their wear and corrosion resistance is better, not easy to rust, deformation. Cabinet hand-in-hand not only style, feel the gap is also very large. Generally speaking, it’s better to pick a better handle, otherwise it’s a pity to destroy the details.