How to choose the negotiation table

Negotiation table, used for negotiating matters in office, meeting room or meeting room, its shape is similar to dining table; the bottom frame of the general table is metal, and the table top is solid wood, glass, fireproof board, marble, etc.; it can be divided according to the table shape It is round table, square table, triangle table, etc.
How to choose the negotiation table
   Negotiation tables are often used in business negotiations. The purchase of a negotiation table is especially important. How to choose a negotiation table?
   1. Pay attention to the size, angle and taper: When purchasing, you must pay attention to its size and arrange it according to the space situation. The angle of the tabletop of the negotiation table should not be too sharp. Generally, the appropriate arc transition shall prevail.
   2. Pay attention to the smoothness of the table top of the negotiation table: the table is also a kind of decoration, the table top is bright and clean, and the carving is fine, so that the negotiator is also comfortable to look at.
   3. Pay attention to the table material: the table has many materials, of course, there are good and bad, the material is the fundamental factor that determines the durability of the table, you must look for it when you buy.
   4. Pay attention to the welding of the table bottom frame: the negotiation table must be firm, so as to ensure the long-term use of the table.