How to clean cloth sofa

How to clean cloth sofa
How to clean and maintain a cloth sofa
Generally, the fabric sofas on the market can be disassembled and washed, so as long as the outer skin is washed, it will be convenient and simple, but there are certain skills in cleaning. If your sofa is made of cotton fabric, you need to soak the detergent in water for 30 minutes when cleaning, and the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.
How to clean and maintain cloth sofa two
If your sofa is made of chemical fiber fabrics, you need to clean it at room temperature. It can’t be soaked at high temperature. It can be machine-washed, not to mention hand-washing. It is best not to use an iron. There is also a linen fabric, because this kind of fabric is easy to pilling, so when steam cleaning, we must pay attention to the cleaning strength! Otherwise, it may make the edge of your sofa lack of shape, or even pilling, then you can not suffer See you!
How to clean and maintain cloth sofa three
If your sofa is only partially stained, you don’t need to wash it all, you can rub it with a sponge, and static electricity can effectively remove the stain. There is also that we must use professional cleaners, which are very useful for direct stain removal, of course, it is also very useful for sofa maintenance! We can also clean with water, of course, we need to clean the dirty places first. Then clean other places.
How to clean and maintain cloth sofa four
There is also an important point that we should pay attention to. Many people think that the more water you wash, the cleaner it will be. In fact, this is not the case. The fabric sofa will deform if there is more water during the cleaning process, so when we wash it Pay attention to the use of as little water as possible! In addition to cleaning the fabric sofa, you must pay attention to it. Of course, maintenance is also the most important link. Good maintenance may make our sofas last longer. We have to be careful when ironing the sofa. The temperature should not be too high. Dry cleaning is the best. Of course, special detergents are needed. The washing cycle also needs attention, each link is very important!