How to clean window screens

Tip 1: Wash in low-temperature water, that is, soak the window screens in normal temperature water with the faucet turned on, add laundry detergent or neutral detergent for 30 minutes, and then rub it with your hands. Be careful not to use warm water to avoid shrinkage.
Tip 2: Mix the flour with clean water to make a viscous paste on the window screens. After 30 minutes (about 20 degrees at room temperature), rinse with clean water. This method is very effective for cleaning dirty window screens.
Tip 3: Some window screens will turn yellow if used for too long, especially white window screens will turn yellow more obviously. For yellowed window screens, we can use 84 disinfectant and clean water at 1:150 (note that it is the cold water from the tap ) The preparation requires complete immersion in the solution. After 15 minutes, rinse with water and dry.
Tip 4: Newspaper can actually be a magical tool for cleaning window screens. Newspaper can play a role in vacuuming. First use a brush to moisten the window screens, then put the newspaper on top and then use the brush to moisten, so that the dust is in the newspaper. It’s on, and finally take the newspaper off.


How to choose window screens

There are many types of screens, but in the final analysis, there are mainly three types: invisible screens, roller screens and traditional single-piece screens. Different types of screens have different prices, and differences in structure and screens will also affect prices. How to choose the screen window?
When choosing a screen window, you must first look at the screen. There are domestic and imported screens. Most of the imported screens are made of chemical fiber, while the domestic ones are made of glass fiber, and some are made of plastic. Imported window screens can undergo tens of thousands of push-pull frictions without deformation. Domestic glass fibers generally can only withstand thousands of times, while plastic window screens are easy to expand and contract with heat and have a high probability of deformation. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose imported screens. When looking at the window screens, you must also observe whether the eye holes are uniform, such as whether the shape is neat and the thickness of the yarn is uniform. Finally, touch the window screens with your hands, and the hand feels slightly scratched. The quality is better like ironing with an iron. Generally, domestic glass fiber screens are better. soft.
Secondly, the structure of the screen window is also one of the important factors that determine the price. The profiles of screen windows are divided into aluminum alloy and plastic steel. The so-called plastic steel is actually PVC profile. It is easy to deform when exposed to the sun and has a short service life. It is recommended that you choose aluminum screens. Good aluminum alloy screens are above 0.7 mm. When choosing, you can press and shake it with your hand to feel the hardness of the profile, which is not soft. Finally, the bearings of the screen window are also divided into imported and domestic ones. It is recommended to choose imported fully enclosed silent bearings, because domestic open bearings can easily enter dust and affect operation.
In addition, good roller shutter screens, window screens are trimmed with nylon silk, which is equipped with a positioning rod in the guide rail, which can resist strong winds. Cut corners often save a process. Put wool strips in the two guide rails, and the window screens are directly stuffed in. Strong wind As soon as the yarn is blown, the yarn is scratched, and mosquitoes and others will take advantage of the gap to enter. Of course, it also includes Aedes albopictus, which can infect dengue virus.