How to deal with the problem of oil smoke diffusion in open kitchens

For the open kitchen range hood, the first choice is the Nakajima range hood, also known as the hanging range hood. It is a European style product developed to match the island-style open kitchen. It is made of all stainless steel body, and the whole body shapes a classic Kitchen masterpiece.

With the influence of European-style furniture and European-style living culture, domestic medium and high-end furniture customers pay more and more attention to the quality of life, especially in the style of kitchen design and furniture selection. The most outstanding performance is the open kitchen. The emergence and development of island kitchens. The range hood matched with the open kitchen has a unique style and is very popular among kitchen lovers. Immet Kitchen Appliances has 6 years of market experience in the manufacture of Nakajima range hoods, and is a leader in the industry at home and abroad. The domestic production and manufacturing technology of island cabinets is quite mature and the market prospects are good. As a result, the home improvement industry makes open kitchens gradually become the mainstream of the market.

In the process of matching with the open kitchen, it has gradually formed an integrated service tailored for cabinets, especially in terms of size and appearance, forming a perfect match with cabinets of different styles.

Introduction to oil fume treatment

1. Range hood

The most common solution to oil fume is the range hood. Range hoods have been developed for many years and are one of the most commonly used kitchen utensils. They are used in most households in our country.

There are two types of range hoods:

Top suction range hood. The top-suction range hood is installed about 70cm above the stove surface, and the oil smoke is sucked away by a powerful exhaust fan, but because it is 70cm away from the stove, it does not allow all the oil smoke that is floating around to be sucked away.

Side suction range hood. The side-suction range hood is installed on the side of the stove and can be taught to draw the range hood at close range, and the smoking effect will be better than the top-suction type.

But no matter what, the range hood cannot completely absorb the oil fume because the oil fume is dispersed in all directions. According to various actual tests, the smoking rate of range hoods is 60%~80%. These two methods are not the best choice for open kitchens.

2. Integrated environmental protection stove

In the past two years, a kind of integrated kitchen utensils called integrated environmental protection stoves has appeared in my country’s kitchen utensils market. This smoking effect is generally welcomed. The lampblack integrated stove adopts a unique smoking method, so the lampblack can be better absorbed. The effect of absorbing oil fume can reach more than 85%. However, the integrated stove has both advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantages are:

The cost is high and the cost performance is not good. The price of a general integrated stove is tens of thousands, which few families can accept.

Maintenance is difficult. Especially for down-suction integrated stoves, it is difficult to clean the oil.

The integrated stove is still in a stage of development, and the after-sales service is not particularly perfect. Therefore, the integrated stove is not a good choice.

Third, add smoking

The smoke guide (Anxin smoke guide) is the best solution to kitchen fume. It uses unique wind wall technology to completely isolate the fume, allowing the range hood to absorb all the fume, and truly achieve the effect of zero fume in the kitchen . The smoke guide was invented and created by Mr. Li Shuiyuan from Taiwan. It has won more than 20 international invention awards and is very popular in Europe, America, Taiwan, and Japan. Most of the work of exhausting smoke in home kitchens is done by range hoods. Although range hoods can eliminate most of the oil fume in the kitchen, they are unable to completely solve the pollution of the entire kitchen caused by cooking fume. The appearance of Anxin smoke guide has completely changed this situation.

Four, activated carbon wall

Activated carbon wall materials apply the porous principle of activated carbon and are equipped with nano-alkaline substances, which have strong adsorption and decomposition ability, can absorb oil fume, purify indoor air, release negative oxygen ions, let the kitchen return to nature, and enjoy the beauty of bamboo forest after rain. Activated carbon wall material is an invention patented product of Fuzhou Carbest Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. It won the first prize of the 6th National Science and Technology Award and the second prize of the National Science Progress Award.

Five, energy-saving pot

The German Kangbach energy-saving pot is made of high-quality stainless steel supplemented by special technology. It has fast heat conduction, no oily smoke, non-stick stainless steel, and 40% energy saving. It is equipped with a range hood to truly achieve the effect of zero oily smoke in the kitchen. It marks a new era for environmentally friendly and healthy home life.