How to design a good loft staircase

1. How to design a good loft staircase
Determine how you choose the stairs from the key dimensions of the stairs in your home.
(1) Port size-you choose the size of the stairs, the length and width of the treads and the shape of the stairs (straight, L, C, U, S or spiral stairs), etc.;
(2) Floor height-you choose the size of the vertical spacing and center spacing of the stairs, which directly affects your comfort when walking up and down the stairs. Standard height of indoor stairs and calculation formula: (Finished stairs) Floor height (cm) 231-253 252-276 273-299 294-322 315-345 Number of steps 11+1 12+1 13+1 14+1 15+ 1.
Regarding “How to design a good loft staircase”, users should design according to their actual needs. The following editor will introduce you to the latest loft staircase design.
2. What are the latest loft staircase designs
(1) Elegant oak type
This LOFT staircase is composed of blocks of spacious rectangular oak boards. The ridges of the stairs are made of special materials and connected by metal columns. Each piece of oak is connected more firmly, and it matches the space up and down more perfectly. , This modern and simple style is integrated, with the sexy background wall on the side of the stairs, making every step of the stairs full of quality. This unique style design reflects the designer’s ingenuity, which is the high-end atmosphere.
(2) Small metal corner
The very delicate design of the corners not only saves the space of the stairs, but also constitutes a slab staircase. The stair slab is made of a special metal material, because it is a non-slip material, it is safer and more reliable to use, and the space is The collocation of other elements, the color of white and metal, completely shows another style, and the simple style is extremely prominent.
(3) Simple fashion family
Laying a stair mat makes the lines of the stairs more concise and smooth. This design is very natural, and expressed in this way, it also appears the designer’s originality. Simple black and white embodies the charm of simplicity, and the overall design is very dynamic; it does not take up a lot of space and is easy to install, which can satisfy the taste of young people in many ways. The extra area on the left of this model can be used as a telephone corner, audio-visual area, and leisure reading area, which fully meets the needs of young people’s diversified life and enjoyment.