How to design a high ceiling living room

The Chinese have always had a hospitable custom, and the living room has naturally become the top priority in the decoration. It is not only the embodiment of maximizing the style of the house, but also the most intuitive expression of the owner’s character. How to design a high-rise living room and what should be paid attention to when decorating?    Partial partitions can be used. Many living rooms are too high, even more than twice that of ordinary residences. Therefore, many owners consider whether to partition the living room to double the area , One more room? Many designers have expressed disapproval to this, but they can use partial partitions to increase the sense of hierarchy in the living room.   Villas are generally large in size and the rooms are sufficient. Therefore, in order to have an extra room, it is not necessary to give up the spaciousness, comfort and style of the villa’s living room. However, we can make a small partition near the turntable where the stairs turn up, and put a rattan chair and a few chairs on it. You can drink tea and look down on the living room from above. It feels good.  The top surface can be more fussy  The high-rise living room has a large space, and if the decoration is done less, it will appear very empty, so the top surface can be artistically processed to show taste. How to make the top surface is also a difficult problem. The ceiling should be more substantial to avoid the feeling of designing the living room as a patio. You can make more use of the ceiling and chandeliers to make up for the empty space. Some designers will suggest that the owner make some circular artistic ceilings, and then add a large European-style multi-level chandelier. Some designers will do some color matching on the top surface, or make some simple shapes with plaster, to make the top surface more layered. For lighting, some downlights and spotlights are also needed.  Wall can be designed with a colorful drawing.  The walls in high-rise spaces are generally very tall. In order not to give people the feeling of being empty, they generally consider to make a big background decoration on the wall. For example, the painter can come to the house to paint a whole painting, but it must match the design style. In addition, some designers will choose to make a European-style fireplace, using natural materials such as brick, wood, and stone to form a theme wall. You can also use post-configuration to decorate the theme wall, such as tapestries and oil paintings for decoration. Curtains need to be spliced. For a living room with a ceiling height of 4 to 6 meters, how to choose curtains? After interviews with a number of curtain fabric shops, the reporter learned that the current curtain cloth height is up to 2.8 meters, and there are only two curtains installed in the high ceiling living room. One method: 1. Splicing two pieces of fabric to increase the height; 2. Using the width of the fabric as the height. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they should be selected according to the different characteristics of the fabric. When two pieces of fabric are spliced, the biggest problem is how to deal with the traces left by the splicing. Generally speaking, for thicker fabrics, the fabric shop will carefully splice them so that the patterns of the two pieces of fabric are completely consistent.