How to design invisible door background wall

How to design invisible door background wall
Inward opening, outward opening and push-pull hidden doors, the specific type to be used depends on personal preference and overall design.
1. Inward opening: Open inward. The TV wall is flat. It is recommended to use hydraulic hinges for hinges and single-sided locks, which can achieve invisible effects.
2. External opening: External opening also has advantages. Relatively speaking, the safety factor will be higher.
3. Push-pull concealed door: The push-pull concealed door is like a Japanese-style partition door. It is installed on the ground and slides down. Push it in and then push the door to the side to open. If the TV background wall is relatively large, it will be opened. You can do it directly next to the TV. The background wall is made of square grids, so the door cracks are not easy to see.
There are three most commonly used methods for invisible doors:
1. Painted invisible door: through the design of painting on the whole wall, the door is invisible in the painting.
2. Wallpaper invisible door: Post a wallpaper of the same material color as the wall on the door.
3. Wooden veneer invisible door: use wooden wall panels to combine the shape of door panels.