How to draw a profile

1. Full section view
Asymmetrical architectural shape, or symmetrical but simpler shape, or when its shape has been clearly expressed in another projection, you can imagine using a cutting plane to cut all the objects, and then draw a cross-sectional view of the shape. This kind of profile is called a full profile. The house as shown in the picture, in order to show its internal layout, imagine using a horizontal section plane to cut the whole house through the doors and windows (picture a), and then draw its overall section. This kind of horizontally cut cross-sectional view is called a plan view in house building drawings.
2. Step profile
A cutting plane. If the internal structure that needs to be expressed on the body cannot be expressed together, the cutting plane can be turned into two parallel planes, and the shape is cut along the place where it needs to be expressed, and then a sectional view is drawn. For the house as shown in the figure, if only one cutting plane parallel to the W plane is used, the front wall windows and the rear wall windows cannot be cut at the same time. At this time, the cutting plane can be turned once, as shown in the figure. That is, one cutting plane is used to cut the window of the front wall, and another plane parallel to the plane is used to cut the window of the rear wall, which meets the requirements. The resulting profile is called a step profile. The turning point of the stepped section plane shall be at right angles, and no dividing line shall be drawn on the section view.
3. Partial section view
When the shape of the building is complicated, and its shape cannot be clearly shown after being completely cut, you can keep most of the original projection drawing, and only draw a partial section as a section view, as shown in the figure.
Without affecting the expression of the shape, draw a corner of the horizontal projection of the cup-shaped foundation as a cross-sectional view to show the configuration of the steel bars inside the foundation. This kind of sectional view is called a partial sectional view. According to the “National Standard” regulations, freehand drawn wavy lines should be used to demarcate the projection image and the partial section view.