How to hang the photo wall

The photo wall is composed of a number of frames of different sizes and orderly hanging on the wall; the photo wall is a popular home decoration in recent years, and it is a fashion and individual home decoration method that modern people pursue . It has a more casual and irregular way of hanging frames according to your own preferences.
How to hang the photo wall
1. First, load the photo or picture into the blank photo frame, and prepare the photo frame with the photo or photo.
2. Fix the drawing template on the wall with push-pins. After the position is fixed, it is best to use transparent glue to avoid displacement. Note that the drawing must be horizontal and not inclined, and the drawing should be flattened and pressed against the wall as much as possible, and should not be wrinkled.
3. Nail the plastic hook to the wall according to the circle on the template, and don’t let the drawing loose or shift when hammering the hook.
4. After fixing all the hooks, tear the drawing carefully and try not to damage it. Without drawing, you don’t know where to hang the frame of the frame, horizontal or rigid. Spread the drawing on the ground, you can know which picture frame is hanging where.
5. After hanging up all the photo frames, look at what pictures and where to place the photos. Make appropriate adjustments according to your personality and taste. Harmony is the key.
6. After determining the position of the picture and the photo frame, use a level to check whether the placement of each photo frame is level with the ground. If it is not, you can adjust it appropriately.