How to maintain a low stool

How to maintain a low stool
the cleaning of the low stool
The cleaning of    low stool mainly depends on different fabrics.
Wooden fabric: You can use a wrung out damp cloth to wipe gently along the texture, avoid using multifunctional cleaners, and avoid damaging the wood structure.
Cloth fabric: If it can be disassembled, take it down and clean it; if it cannot be disassembled, remove the dust regularly. In case of soiling, you can use a special cleaner for sofa or carpet. Dip a small amount of agent with a clean white cloth and wipe the dirty place repeatedly until it is removed. Stains. Do not wash with a lot of water to avoid water penetration into the inner filling.
Leather fabric: In normal cleaning, be sure to use cotton cloth or silk to moisten it and wipe it gently. After wiping, spray it with Bi Lizhu or polishing wax to keep it smooth. If you accidentally draw a ballpoint pen on the leather fabric, don’t worry, just wipe it off with an eraser during the effective time.
Maintenance of    low stool
1. Clean frequently and keep the surface of the low stool clean and tidy.
2. The low stool should be placed on a level ground to avoid uneven force on the legs of the stool to damage its structure.
3. The low stool is often moved, and should be handled with ease to avoid excessive collision.
4. Wood and leather fabrics can be waxed on the surface to keep it smooth.
5. Regularly check the low stools, especially the feet of the stools, and repair them immediately if they are loose or damaged.