How to maintain the bed end stool

How to maintain the bed end stool
   Maintenance of bed end stool
   1. Avoid stepping on it.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid partial fading of the fabric; avoid close to high temperature heat sources to prevent the sponge from aging over time.
  3. Do not touch the surface of the foot stool with sharp or rough objects to avoid damage.
  4. Pay attention to the possible damage caused by cigarette butts, matches, and lighters when smoking.
  Cleaning the foot stool
   1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the sofa frequently.
  2. It can be cleaned with fresh milk to make the leather more shiny.
  3. Protective liquid can be applied after cleaning to prevent dirt from invading again.
What is the general size of the bed end stool
The bed-end stool not only has the storage function, but also can decorate your bedroom and make your bedroom more emotional, but the size of the bed-end stool is also particular. The size of the bed-end stool is generally about 1200*400*480mm, depending on the style. There are many styles with different furniture styles. The products of general bed-end stools are exquisite and meticulous, with natural and smooth lines, elegant and comfortable, elegant and simple, beautiful and generous, soft cushions and beautiful patterns will make you intoxicated.