How to maintain the negotiation table

How to maintain the negotiation table
Negotiation table, the negotiation table is the same as the ordinary dining table, it is a platform for discussing things. However, it is worth noting that the negotiating table is generally supported by a metal chassis, so the load-bearing capacity is not very good. Avoid placing heavy objects to prevent damage to the negotiating table.
Negotiation tables are mainly used for negotiation matters in offices, conference rooms or guest rooms. Generally, the bottom frame of the table is metal, and the table top is made of solid wood, glass, fireproof board, marble, etc.; according to the shape of the table, it can be divided into round table, square table, triangle Table waiting.
Negotiating table maintenance method
1. Keep the environment dry to prevent moisture and alkalization.
2. If there is dust on the desktop, first remove the dust with a feather broom, and then wipe it with a clean cloth; if it is a glass desktop, wipe it with a damp cloth, and wipe it with newspaper after it dries to make the desktop brighter.
3. Avoid placing heavy objects on the negotiation table for a long time.