How to maintain the shoe stool

How to maintain the shoe stool
Shoe changing stool maintenance
1. It should be placed in a place that should avoid high temperature, it should not be rotated near the stove, or placed near the radiator, and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
2. Do not place it in a room with too low temperature.
3. When wiping, do not use a wet towel or cloth, generally a dry cloth is better.
Cleaning the shoe changing stool
1. Wipe with a cloth dipped in milk, which can not only remove the dirt, but also make the furniture bright as new.
2. Use half a cup of water to add 1/4 of the amount of vinegar, and use a soft cloth dipped in the solution to wipe the wooden furniture to make the furniture regenerate.
3. Wooden chairs and furniture will lose their original luster after being used for a long time. The easiest way to clean them is to soak a large cup of strong tea and let it cool. Soak a piece of soft cloth, and generally use it to scrub the chairs. Two or three times, the wooden chair can be restored to its original appearance.
4. Drop the wax oil on the lacquer surface of the wooden chair. Do not scratch with sharp blades or nails. You should wait until the daylight is good. Use a plastic sheet to hold your hands tightly, lean forward, and move the wax oil from the front of your body. Scrape it off slowly, then wipe it with a fine cloth to avoid leaving scratches on the wooden surface.