How to match folding tables and chairs

How to match folding tables and chairs
1. Consider the size of the space. According to the size of the space, to choose different sizes of folding tables.
2. Consider the location of the folding table. The folding table is very light and flexible. It has a wall-mounted design, or an unfolded design that is placed in the middle of the restaurant like an ordinary dining table. How to choose depends on personal preference and the size of the space.
3. Considering that the selection range of folding tables is relatively small, the first thing that should be considered is the use of folding tables, such as household, outdoor use or conference and exhibition use.
4. Matching styles. Choose different folding tables according to different styles. Generally speaking, folding tables are more suitable for simple styles.
5. Color matching. Choose the color of the folding table according to the specific home environment.