How to open a tea restaurant

1. Location:
1. Be close to the business district.
Supported by the mid-to-high-end consumer market.
2. Choose side street instead of main street.
On the main street, the rent is too high and the other is too noisy.
3. Two floors are best.
The first floor is the deck and the second floor of the reception hall is the private room.
4. Convenient parking.
2. Positioning:
1. Industry positioning:
Most people who go to such places to consume are in a circle. For example, there must be many media circles near the TV station, and the decoration style should lean here. There must be more video games near the Computer City, so they should feel cordial.
2. Price positioning:
You can refer to the largest Western-style coffee chain stores, such as Bund Fashion, Shangdao Coffee, etc. The biggest reason for their success is that the price can be recognized by most white-collar workers.
3. Environment:
1. Your own unique style and cultural heritage:
Tea culture is broad and profound, and can be combined with Shanxi merchants culture, collection culture, calligraphy culture, handicraft culture, loess culture, etc.
2. Pay attention to privacy.
3. The music must be folk music.
4. The costume of the waiter must be Chinese style. (There is a tea bar where all employees are in sportswear.)
5. The private room must have a large sofa where people can lie down.
Five, service
Promote non-disturbance service.
Employees should be polite, kind and generous.
What should I pay attention to when opening a tea restaurant? Six, sales
Lock customers with discount cards and stored-value cards.
The computer sets up VIP files.
SMS group sending method.
Member points consumption method.
10. Prepare all kinds of mobile phone chargers.
11. The bar should even be equipped with a small multifunctional fax copier.