How to pick a low stool

How to pick a low stool
1. Is the chassis stable: just sit on it and shake it left and right a few times to see if there is a rhythm in the amplitude.
2. Choose the material: If the stool surface is made of short plush fabric, you can touch the surface with your hands to see if it is lint, and if the touched surface is pilling. If it is a cotton stool surface, it should be smooth and not irritating to the touch. If it is wood, it should be checked for splitting, moth-eaten, decay, or scarring.
3. Look at the frame: If it is a wooden frame, it is best to use a mortise and tenon; other places can use wood screws. Sofas whose internal frames are all nailed together should not be purchased;
4. Look at the process: details determine success or failure. Carefully observe the edges and corners of the product and the stitching to see if the process is rough or not.
Product Ergonomics
The best height of    low stool is 30 cm, some low stools are only 15 cm.
product cost and brand knowledge
IKEA will sell many styles of products, the price is around 400 yuan, the price is not bad, but for most consumers, many people still buy online, all under 100 yuan, it is also a good choice.


Basic information about low stools
Classification of    low stools
According to different materials, it can be divided into: leather low stool, wooden low stool, rattan low stool, plastic low stool, etc. =
Reviews of    low stools
1. Evaluate the material, hardness and load-bearing capacity of the stool;
2. When evaluating the matching or use of the stool, choose a suitable stool.