How to properly use terrace waterproof materials

The terrace is exposed and is easily corroded by external conditions, causing damage to the terrace. If it is raining or snowing, there may be water leaking downstairs. Therefore, waterproofing of the terrace is necessary.
1. Corresponding coating waterproof materials should be used in the process of terrace waterproofing construction, and the anti-failure materials used should comply with relevant national regulations and have the corresponding certificate of conformity for the goods; during the construction of terrace waterproof materials, The surface should be kept flat, and there should be no hollowing and cracking. The moisture content of the bottom layer also needs to reach the standard.
2. The design of the waterproof layer should extend from the ground to the wall. During the construction of the terrace waterproof material, it should overlap with the downstream water, and two or more layers of fiberglass cloth can be used for upper and lower overlap; That is, the thickness and strength of the cement mortar of the protective layer must also meet the regulations. It is strictly forbidden to damage the waterproof layer during the construction process, and the drainage must be dredged, and there must be no standing water or falling slopes.