Hydropower construction code

Hydropower construction process-construction drawings before construction
Before construction, there must be electrical (strong current, weak current), water supply and drainage design and construction drawings. Hydropower construction process-it is strictly forbidden to expose the wires, and it is strictly forbidden to lay the wires directly in the wall, in the floor, under the floor or on the ceiling without any protection.
Hydropower construction process-wiring lines and pipes should be distinguished. Lines with different voltages, different circuits and different signals are strictly prohibited to pass in the same pipe.
Hydropower construction process-the installation of lamps and lanterns should be carried out after the painting is completed. Install the lamps on the brick-concrete structure. It is strictly forbidden to use wooden wedges, and use hooks, bolts or expansion bolts. There should be no less than 2 bolts (or screws) for fixing lamps. Lamps must not be installed on combustible components.
Hydropower construction process-switch installation of lights and electrical equipment The lights and electrical equipment switches must be installed on the “phase line” (ie the control phase line), otherwise, after the switch is off, the lights and electrical equipment are still live, which may easily cause electric shock. .
Hydropower construction process-there are two protection methods for the power system
Grounding protection and zero-connection protection are generally adopted in my country at present. Note that in the same system, it is strictly forbidden to adopt two protection methods at the same time, otherwise it will cause a safety accident.
Hydropower construction process-it is forbidden to use mobile switches at the bedside
If the lamp uses screw caps, the center tongue of the screw cap should be connected to the control phase line.
Hydropower construction process-protection at the interface
The interface of each line should be smooth, and the connection board should be firm. The interface box of the power inlet box should be protected by a protective ring (lock nut). Hydropower construction process-the arc of the threading pipe elbow, in order to update and maintain the wire in the future, for the threading pipe buried in the wall, underground or ceiling, the curvature of the elbow at the turning point (ie the cold bending radius) should be 5~ of the diameter of the threading pipe 10 times. Water and electricity construction process-It is forbidden to connect wires in the threading pipe, and it is forbidden to connect the wires in the threading pipe. That is, if the length of the wire is not enough to be connected, the joint of the wire should not be in the threading pipe, generally in the junction box such as switch, socket, lamp holder wiring.
Hydropower construction process-selection of threading pipe
The threading tube should be of a certain size (thickness), not only to allow the wire to pass through, but also to leave enough space so that the heat generated when the wire passes through a large current can be dissipated. Generally, the ratio of the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire to the cross-sectional area of ​​the threading tube is 1/3~1/2. It is strictly forbidden for the wire to block the threading pipe.
Hydropower construction process-PP-R pipes and copper pipes can be used for water supply pipes
Concealed water supply pipes must be strictly checked for tight installation, firmness, and correct orientation, and then do a hydraulic test. After testing the water for a period of time, they can be buried. The pressure test index is generally suitable between 0.8mpa-1.0mpa.