Hydropower transformation

The details of hydropower transformation: First, it depends on the safety of the water circuit transformation, whether the wire joints are firm, whether they are exposed, whether the switch is sparking, and whether the water pipe anchor is firm. Second, it depends on the rationality and whether there are unreasonable surrounding situations. Thirdly, it depends on the functionality, whether the light switch is smart and effective, whether the socket is a little bit, whether it meets the requirements of zero fire, on-line grounding. Whether the telephone line, broadband network, and TV coaxial cable are unblocked. Fourth, it depends on the aesthetics, whether the installation is level, and whether the same room is on the same level.

Precautions for hydropower transformation: 1. Material selection: When buying materials, it depends on whether they are qualified products produced by regular manufacturers. Nowadays, there are so many hydropower brands. The owner does not know what brand or specifications are better when decorating. Fortunately, I have some understanding of this knowledge. Otherwise, if the decoration company buys it as shoddy, then the gain is not worth the loss. 2. Design check: When decorating, the owner has an overall idea about the layout of his home.

It is necessary to figure out where to put the furniture in the home, where to put what kind of electrical appliances, and how big it is. Hydropower transformation is very important, otherwise it will waste a lot of manpower and material resources. When designing, the decoration company will make many plans for you, such as where to move, where to get the socket, etc., but the owner still has to make the final decision Yes, everyone’s living habits are different, so you must take into account when designing. When designing, you must control the budget within your own acceptable range. If you want to write the budget into the contract, more than 10% do not need to pay Up. Never verbally promise.

3. Acceptance: After the hydropower transformation is completed, every detail of the construction must be carefully checked and accepted. When the waterway is checked and accepted, see if the waterway is fixed with metal pipe clamps, the distance should not be too large, and the water outlet in the bathroom Hot left and cold right, whether the distance is up to standard, and whether the interface is level. The water circuit line cannot be in the same tank, and each drain must be tested for water. The pressure test must be carried out, and the time pressure must be standard. The next step is the acceptance of electricity. The main points of the electricity change are to be connected to the nearest point to facilitate future maintenance.

The telephone and TV lines cannot be in the same pipeline. Both strong and weak currents must be tested. The most important thing to note is to draw a number. For the wiring diagram of the water circuit, record the models of all items so that it will be more convenient for future maintenance.

Hydropower transformation methods: 1. Design: The design of the Chang’s hydropower transformation will be available when the design drawings are just started. At this time, you must communicate with the designer more, mainly considering the function, not whether it can be realized. This is the design Teachers and workers. 2. Process supervision and adjustment: Do not determine the line at the initial stage of the design and everything will be fine. During the entire transformation process, it is best to have special personnel to observe and supervise.

Because the concealed project is not only the quality, but also the only place that cannot be modified. Once any omissions and mistakes occur, it can only be used as a reference for our next decoration. 3. Suggestions on functions: TV sockets. Many people would suggest to leave a few more outlets in order to put more sockets in the future to satisfy the use of DVD, TV, power amplifier, and other audio-visual centers. In fact, it is enough to leave a socket on both sides of the TV cabinet. For this kind of concentrated electrical appliances, it is better to use a wiring board. Therefore, even the two sockets are three-hole. In the same way, computers, printers, scanners, wireless transmitters, ADSL cats, speakers…

It is impossible to design all sockets on the wall. The best way is to leave at most two sockets and lead the wiring board to the desktop. , It is convenient to plug and unplug the socket, and the socket of the patch panel can be turned off at any time to avoid standby power consumption. Consider whether there is a floor lamp next to the sofa and whether there is a water dispenser. Consider the lamp and telephone beside the bed. As for the kitchen, it’s quite special. This part of the content is done jointly with the kitchen designer. In addition to the range hood and microwave oven, at least 2-3 spare sockets are required. After all, your home will have an electric kettle, rice cooker, and other appliances.

4. Reconstruction specifications: Generally, larger decoration companies are more disciplined in this respect, and don’t need to remind too much, just simply check whether there are unnecessary wiring. The rest of the technical standards can still be guaranteed. In addition to reminding some necessary things such as the wiring inside the wall must pass through the tube, the electric wire tube cannot be bent, the electric wire cannot have the joint.