Indoor staircase style

Indoor staircase size
In the construction of stairs, installation workers often make mistakes due to a problem: the size of the stairs. Because the storey height on the decoration design drawing is different from the height in the building structure drawing, the height in the building structure drawing does not include the thickness of the decorative layer, which needs to be calculated separately. A stair designer often uses the floor height of the building structure drawing without considering the floor height without calculating the decorative layer factor. Therefore, in order to avoid such errors, the decorator should first use the ink line to pop the height of the decorative layer and then measure The personnel need to re-measure the floor height.
Indoor staircase style
1. Straight ladder: This is the most common form of stairs in our lives. Above the shape is the simplest staircase style, with a feeling of going straight up for nine days. The straight ladder is simple and direct, saving space, it can also realize the corner design with the platform.
2. Arc-shaped ladder: the whole appears in a curved shape. The curved staircase is not only beautiful and generous, but also can be designed to be very spacious, and it is also suitable for larger home spaces. Curved stairs have other advantages: they don’t have the rigid feeling of straight corners. The curved ladder is the most comfortable one among all the stairs.
3, spiral staircase: one of the biggest features of spiral staircase is that it takes up the smallest area in the indoor space, and the trend of spiraling upwards makes many consumers heart. This kind of spiral staircase is also the best-looking staircase in interior decoration.
4. Telescopic stairs: The stairs are made of high-strength cold-rolled carbon steel, which can withstand a maximum pressure of 200KG. The stair joint adopts advanced riveting technology, special stainless steel 304 rivet riveting, high riveting strength, very stable walking, overcoming the disadvantages of poor shaking stability of similar products
5. Folding stairs: exquisite and beautiful appearance, suitable for storage rooms and relatively small spaces on the top floor of villas;
6. Corner stairs: The corner stairs give people a good design inspiration!
7. Circular staircase: The design of the staircase is circular.
8. Single-run stairs: Single-run stairs are the simplest, suitable for buildings with low storeys;
9. Double-run stairs: the most common ones include double-run straight up, double-run twists and turns, double-run double-fold (parallel), etc., suitable for general civil and industrial buildings;
10. Three-run stairs: There are three-fold, T-shaped, split-combination, etc., which are mostly used in public buildings; the scissor staircase is composed of a pair of double-run parallel ladders in opposite directions, or a pair of mutual.