Induction door installation method

Sensor door price
There should be induction doors everywhere in our lives. Although the scope of application of electronic glass induction doors is concentrated in banks, shopping malls and other areas, there are not many use of home interior doors, mainly because the price of induction doors is relatively high. , The price of common electronic glass sensor doors is around 5,000 yuan, so the sensor door for home interior doors really seems too wasteful. But with the improvement of living standards and the reduction of the price of electric induction doors, it is believed that induction doors will be more widely used.
Induction door installation method
1. When installing the aluminum alloy casing beam, please pay attention to keeping it level with an error of 1mm. If it is not level, it will cause uneven force when the door is walking, which will reduce the life of the machine.
2. Installation of door hanging: use the attached door hanging bolt assembly to install the hanger device to the designated position on the door. * During installation, the pulley center of the hanger device should be parallel to the door body. If it is not parallel, the life of the pulley will be shortened. Hang the pulley of the hanging device on the power beam. *Do not damage other components and guide rails in the power beam during installation, otherwise it will cause component failure or pulley life, noise, abnormal sound, etc.
3. Installation of limit device: loosen the installation bolt of the limit device.
4. Make sure to embed the stopper device on the guide rail of the power beam. First move the door to determine the opening and closing position of the door, and then determine the position of the stopper. *When setting the position of the stopper device, make the hanging device stop after touching the rubber pad of the stopper. Securely tighten the mounting bolts with a hexagon wrench.
5. Adjust the height and gap of the door body: loosen the nut for fixing the hanger. Perform the safety adjustment of the adjusting bolt.
6. Tighten the nuts for fixing the hanger. Check the resistance when walking. Confirm that the door is moving without heavy weight and there is no rubbing sound. If there is a problem, please confirm the following:
a. Whether the hanger is vertically fixed on the door body
b. Whether the hanging device has friction with the power beam
c. Whether there is friction between the door body and the door frame. The height of the door body moving fan and the ground is generally kept at 10mm. The gap between the moving fan and the fixed fan is 5mm.
7. Adjustment of belt tension: Pull the tensioner device to the left to keep the belt tight, and then tighten the four pressure plate bolts. Loosen the four adjusting and fixing bolts, and turn the tension adjusting bolt clockwise to adjust the belt tension. Tighten the four adjusting plate fixing bolts
8. The installation of the ground wheel, the center position of the ground wheel during installation is half of the width of the door body plus 5mm. (The premise is that there is a slide in the bottom of the moving fan. If there is no slide, it should be considered as the interior space distance of the decorative panel. Please make sure that the upper and lower gaps of the door body are the same after installation to avoid damage over time. Earth wheel.
9. Adjustment of the control system: (No need to adjust under normal circumstances, keep the factory setting as good) Before adjustment, please push the door moving fan several times by hand to ensure that the door can open and close smoothly. Set the left and right switch, according to the door opening direction, set left or right. When it is a double door, the switch is set to the right. Set the induction method. When the switch is on the right side, it is the first induction method, and when it is on the left, it is the secondary induction method. Turn on the power switch only when the door is closed. The adjustment method of the knob on the control box: The premise is that the test button of the control box is pressed, and each item is adjusted while opening and closing the door. The adjustment of the starting intensity: the intensity can be ensured before the door can be opened and closed freely.