Installation of kitchen sink

1. Preliminary preparation for installation of kitchen sink
1. Faucet installation Before installing the sink, the faucet and water inlet pipe should be installed. When installing the faucet, it is required not only to install firmly, but also to prevent water seepage at the connection.
2. Placing the sink After installing some functional accessories of the sink, you can place the sink in the corresponding position on the countertop, ready to start the next installation procedure.
Second, install the kitchen sink steps
1. Install the water inlet pipe of the faucet. Connect one end of the water inlet pipe previously installed on the faucet to the water inlet switch. When installing, pay attention to the firmness of the connection, and also pay attention to a detail, that is, the location of the hot and cold water pipes Confused.
2. The overflow hole of the sewer pipe installed with the overflow hole is a protective hole to prevent the sink from overflowing. Therefore, when installing the overflow pipe, pay attention to the tightness of the joint with the tank body, and ensure that the sewer pipe of the overflow hole itself Not leaking.
3. Install the drain pipe of the filter basket When installing the drain pipe under the filter basket, pay attention to the connection between the drain pipe and the tank body, not only must be firm, but also sealed.
4. Installing the whole drain pipe. Usually people will buy a sink with two filter baskets, but the distance between the two drain pipes is close and far. Workers will cut the matching drain pipe according to the actual situation when installing. Attention should be paid to the tightness of each interface. Common water leakage problems occur at these connections.
5. Install coupons to reinforce the tank. After the sink is placed on the countertop, you need to install the matching coupons between the tank and the countertop to install the sink firmly to avoid small gaps that cause the tank to shake from side to side.