Installation steps of door bump

The door bumper is a device associated with the door that is installed on the wall to prevent the door from colliding with other objects. It is also called door stopper, and the principle of the two applications is the same. Both play a restrictive role in the movement of the door. Generally, under windy or special circumstances, installations are still necessary to effectively prevent unnecessary damage and destruction of the door due to strong impact in the early field.
The first step is to install the suction seat chassis with two self-tapping screws in the proper position of the door. The second step is to install the suction seat cap and shell into the suction seat shell. The third step is to install the suction seat shell into the suction seat. The bottom cover, after the fourth step is to determine the position of the suction head, ensure that the suction head and the suction seat can be accurately positioned, the fifth step is to drill a hole on the wall for installation, and the sixth step is to insert the completed device into the corresponding hole. The seventh step is to install the suction head chassis and screw the suction head body into the suction head bottom cover to complete. When installing the door bumper, according to the door of different materials, such as refrigerator door, car door, drawer door, closet door, home door, etc., install it in different positions. The door bumper has its own size corresponding to it. Pay attention to taking corresponding measures, and then install according to your own home situation according to the corresponding situation. On the one hand, this can solve your own problems, and on the other hand, it can also make the installation practical and extend the service life of the door. . The material, performance and color of the door bump should be considered comprehensively during installation.