Installation steps of movable partition

Installation steps of movable partition
1. Before installing the movable partition, check the track where the track parts are assembled on the floor in order;
2. Mark the track line and the placement bracket at the specific location;
3. Install the movable partition rail bracket facing the ceiling;
4. Check whether the movable partition is firmly fixed on the track, when the track and the bracket must be loosely stored in the storage area, so that the bracket plate can be moved to other places;
5. Before the installation of the main track, measure the proper position of the storage track. This is very important for the placement of the intersection, so that the installation work of the movable partition below can be continued;
6. Remember that the track must be loose enough above all brackets to ensure the track’s pause time;
7. After the track of the movable partition is laid, tighten the connections of all the tracks, adjust the track level correctly, and the track installation direction must also be horizontal and straight;
8. During the installation of track facilities, sound insulation and mineral wool are necessary plates for installation;
9. Before closing the movable partition, the height of the carrier must be adjusted, and the straight angle of the track must be checked, so that the track partition can operate well;
10. Check whether all movable partitions are vertical. If there is no damage, they can enter the edge of the aluminum frame with rubber seal vertically and not bend;
11. If the track direction is horizontal, but the movable partition is hung and tilted, then the height of the carrier must be adjusted.