Interior decoration skills of rural self-built houses

Interior decoration skills of rural self-built houses
Most rural houses are self-built houses, so the interior layout and decoration design should be planned at the beginning of the construction of the house, so as to save the trouble of dismantling and restructuring before the decoration starts, and there is a little left. cost. Therefore, when building a house, do the pre-burying of line pipes, three-stage purification tanks, and sewage pipes.
Rural homes respect folk traditional customs, customs, maintain folk characteristics, and pay attention to the use of local building materials or local legends as the theme of decoration. In the indoor environment, we strive to express the leisurely and comfortable pastoral life, and create a natural, simple and elegant space atmosphere.
Rural home furnishings advocates returning to simplicity and nature, abandoning products made of man-made materials, and using natural materials such as wood, masonry, grass, rattan, and cotton cloth in interior design. These practices are particularly suitable in villa construction and are loved by people.
Rural home decoration meets the requirements of use-practical home decoration is people-oriented, with things as the last, not turning the cart before the horse. From the functional distinction of the degree of use of each room, the status and role of the living room will become increasingly prominent: social interaction, cultural entertainment, daily life, etc., the architecture of small rooms and large living rooms has become a popular trend.
Rural houses are best decorated, with Masek tape on the outer walls, paint on the inner walls, plaster lines around the inner walls, and marble underground. So generous and gorgeous. Furniture can hit several suitable pieces of furniture.