Interior design colors

When the occupant chooses a certain color of his own and integrates himself into this specific environment, he has his own exclusive expression just like this color space. All colors have three important attributes: hue, brightness and purity, which are called three-dimensional colors. Red, yellow, and blue are the three primary colors of the subtractive color method, and all other colors are derived colors of these three colors. Different colors have different wavelengths and can be divided into 12 color families: bright pink and cream, which give people a beautiful feeling, these colors make people feel cute and innocent; yellow and orange, these colors make people feel relaxed and happy ; Red is full of life, which makes people feel strong and bold; the soft pink color makes people feel romantic; the beige color reflects warmth and nature, these colors make people feel gentle and simple; rose and lavender make people feel elegant and graceful ; Refreshing, natural tender grass color makes people feel elegant and refreshing; brown and blue make people feel elegant and beautiful, and there is no lack of a fashionable atmosphere; elegant dark coffee color and deep olive color make people feel stable and calm; clear The light blue series make people feel simple and refreshing; the refreshing, light blue and green make people feel relaxed and refreshing; and the dark blue and black are the representatives of modernity.
At the same time, we can also use the color matching method to match these colors to create a variety of different effects. The color matching method of similar colors uses the three colors adjacent to each other on the hue circle or their shades. They can be a combination of cool and warm colors, such as a combination of blue, purple blue and purple, or red and orange. And orange combination. These color schemes are full of vitality and are very suitable design choices for lively places such as sports facilities, kindergartens, schools and leisure clubs.