Interior design process

1. The planning stage includes (task book; data collection; design concept sketch)
1. Assignment: Proposed by Party A or the owner ①Use function ②Determine the area ③Business philosophy ④Style and style ⑤Investment situation
2. Collect data ①Original civil engineering drawings ②Site survey
3. Design conceptual sketches, completed by the designer and the owner together ①Sketches reflecting the functional aspects ②Sketches reflecting the spatial aspects ③Sketches reflecting the form aspects ④Sketches reflecting the technical aspects
2. The plan stage includes (in-depth design of conceptual sketches; connection with civil construction and decoration before and after; coordination of related work types; plan results)
1. On the basis of conceptual sketches, in-depth design, analysis and comparison of schemes ①Function analysis ②Traffic flow analysis ③Space analysis ④Comparison and selection of decoration materials
2. Before and after connection with civil construction and decoration ①Insufficiency and restriction ②Load-bearing structure ③Facility pipeline
3. Coordination of related types of work (equipment priority principle) ①Coordination between various equipment ②Coordination between equipment and decoration
4. Project results (as the basis for construction drawing design, construction methods, and budgetary estimates) ①Atlas ②Model ③Animation design description, plan, elevation, section, perspective (effect drawing), model, material sample, etc.
3. Construction drawing stage (modeling, material, method) including (decoration construction drawing; equipment construction drawing)
1. Decoration construction drawing ①design description, engineering material practice table, finishing material classification table, decoration door and window table ②partition wall positioning plan, floor plan, floor plan, ceiling layout, enlarged plan ③elevation, section ④large Sample drawing, detailed drawing
2. Equipment construction drawing ①Water supply and drainage: system, water supply and drainage layout, fire sprinkler ②Electrical: strong current system, lighting wiring, switch socket, weak current system, fire-fighting lighting, fire-fighting monitoring.