Interior design style

1. Chinese style: retro elegance. With the emergence of many modernisms, a retro style has emerged in China, which is the revival of Chinese decorative style. Chinese paintings, calligraphy and paintings and Ming and Qing furniture constitute the most important elements of the factory’s Chinese design. However, these complex furniture are expensive and become a major obstacle for lovers. However, the popularity of Chinese style has never stopped.
2. Classical Style: Luxurious and Wealthy In the era when decoration was just emerging, decoration mostly pursued a more luxurious and rich style. Especially in the 1980s and early 1990s, interior decoration was often a special form of showing off one’s identity. Owners will require various designs that symbolize luxury to be embedded in the decoration, such as stained glass ceilings, fireplaces, decorative panels, decorative wooden corners, etc., and basically use a baroque style combined with domestically existing materials as the main decoration method .
3. Elegant style: Quiet and gentle. This is a design style that appeared at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. It is basically based on the woodworking practice of using wallpaper as the main decorative surface material and combining oil. This style emphasizes the harmony of proportions and colors. People will start to color the upper part of a wall with the ceiling, and use a kind of wallpaper with a light texture on the wall. The whole style is very elegant and tranquil, without a hint of impetuousness.
4. Simple style: do whatever you want. In the 1990s, there was a craze for home improvement in some areas. Due to the limitations of technology and materials, there was no real designer to guide home improvement at that time, so doing whatever you want is the best portrayal of the time. The owners began to pretend to be a neat and bright interior effect. Today, this style is still the first choice for most first-time home buyers.
5. Exquisite style: noble and solemn. After nearly 10 years of exploration, with the improvement of the living standards of domestic residents and the increase in opening up to the outside world, people have begun to yearn for and pursue a high-quality life. From about the mid-1990s, people began to use exquisite decorative materials and furniture in their decoration. Especially at this time, domestic designers stepped into the ranks of home decoration design, which brought a new decoration concept.