Internet cafe decoration design

1. The door design of the Internet cafe.
The door of an Internet cafe can be divided into a signboard and a door. The signboard of the Internet cafe must be able to clearly convey the location of the Internet cafe. The decoration design requires eye-catching, and there must be lighting equipment at night so that people can see it at a glance. At present, the doors of most Internet cafes are made of glass materials. We can paste advertisements on the glass doors of Internet cafes, which is a kind of beauty and a refreshing feeling.
2. Ground decoration of Internet cafes.
The decoration materials on the Internet cafe floor can be selected according to actual needs. For example, wooden floors can be used for women or VIP boxes. Floor tiles are usually used in Internet cafes, and it is best to use higher-grade environmentally friendly materials. Otherwise, too much smell will affect the overall Internet cafe environment.
3. The decoration bar of the Internet cafe.
The bar is the core of the entire Internet cafe, and it also reflects the image of the Internet cafe. Customers boarding, boarding, shopping, and topping up are all services provided by the bar. The design style of the bar also affects the overall image of the Internet cafe. It is suggested here that the decoration design of the bar should be in line with the sense of the times, using some obvious logo signs, lighting, and accessories.
4. Internet cafe ceiling and lighting.
If the size of the Internet cafe is large, the ceiling can be painted black, and then partially suspended, which can not only reflect the lighting effect of the Internet cafe, but also reflect the cultural and artistic atmosphere of the Internet cafe. The lighting should be decorated with the atmosphere of the entire Internet cafe. The lighting of the Internet cafe is divided into main lighting, decorative lighting, and advertising light boxes. The main illumination light should not be too bright, so that it can cover up the effect of other decorative lights.
There are a lot of endless topics in the decoration of Internet cafes, such as sofas, toilets, fire fighting… and only after these details are done can your Internet cafe shine in the competition!