Internet cafe decoration Feng Shui

1. The store is too small
Many small and medium-sized Internet cafe owners are hard-working. They think that it is better to save the money and increase the level of computer configuration than to spend a lot of energy and financial resources on facade decoration. This view is actually very wrong.
The facade is a passage for customers to enter and exit. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the facade must have a magnificent aura of inclusiveness in order to absorb all the big and small fortunes. If the facade is too narrow due to the limited space, it can be appropriately modified.
2. Export should not be too much
One of the most important aspects of Internet cafe acceptance is to have more than two fire exits. Some Internet cafe owners believe that since the competent authority has regulations, and opening two doors is beneficial to customers, why not do it? This idea seems to have the best of both worlds, but it is full of loopholes.
3. Avoid environmental impact
As mentioned above, there are electric poles, transformers and other obstructions on the facade, and even public toilets, stone lions and other objects standing on the front are very taboo. We must find ways to avoid the evil. Careful people will notice that certain administrative departments, enterprises, and even residential buildings in the urban-rural fringe area, as long as the gates are erected with stone lions, etc., will generally take similar measures to avoid evil.
4. The location of the bar and toilet should be reasonable
The location of the bar should be set up at the entrance to facilitate the collection of money. The Internet cafe bar mentioned above is not safe to face the street. It is obviously unreasonable to look at this problem from the perspective of Feng Shui; the toilet should be set up in a hidden and convenient location for customers Because it is a dirty and humid place, no matter from the perspective of environmental sanitation or the perspective of feng shui, it should not be facing the door or being on the wind.