Introduction of Feng Shui Living Room Partition

The living room is a place for a family to relax and share a family relationship. It is also a place to receive guests to show the taste of the owner. Therefore, the quality of the living room directly affects the personal fortune and interpersonal relationship of the residents. Modern people like to use partitions in the living room, but small partitions cannot be ignored. The influence of partitions on the Feng Shui pattern of the living room in Feng Shui is also very huge. The orientation, material, color, shape and other elements of the partition will directly affect The feng shui in the living room affects the overall feng shui phase of the whole room. Let me now let the editor introduce the living room partition feng shui. Introduction to Feng Shui of Living Room Partition 1. Direction    The northeast and center of the living room are the direction of prosperity. When setting partitions, do not set it in this position, otherwise it will block the flow of wealth and will not be conducive to the gathering of wealth for the owner of the room. Living room partition Feng Shui introduction 2. Daylight

In feng shui, sunlight represents yang qi, and the fortune of yang qi is prosperous. Therefore, the living room must have sufficient lighting and air circulation. The so-called air circulation, so you must install partitions in the living room, you must pay attention to lighting and ventilation, not in front of the windows, so as not to block the sun and make the room too dark. Introduction of Feng Shui Living Room Partition 3. Smooth movement. Modern people emphasize on saving space and use wine cabinets or storage racks as living room partitions. However, such partitions must be close to the wall so that the living room will flow smoothly and airflow will not be Being blocked, the so-called smooth qi flow will naturally improve a person’s wealth fortune. Introduction to Feng Shui of Living Room Partition 4. In terms of backrest Feng Shui, the back of the sofa in the living room should not be too open, otherwise it will be a helpless Feng Shui pattern. At this time, if a partition is installed behind the sofa, this pattern will be effectively improved and people will not With nowhere to rely, the officialdom and the workplace are like a fish in water. Introduction to Feng Shui of Living Room Partition 5. The color of the partition should not be too dark. It is recommended to use beige or white as the main color. This is not only beneficial to Feng Shui, but also makes people feel warm and comfortable. If the partition color is too dark, it will make people feel upset and dry.

After reading my introduction to Feng Shui on the living room partition, do you have any inspiration? The partition of the living room not only separates the functional areas and beautifies the indoor space, but also creates a favorable Feng Shui pattern. The structure and layout of the living room are fixed, but the partition can be set and moved at will, so it is very important to set a good partition for the living room. The knowledge of feng shui in the partition is ever-changing, but as long as you choose the right one, you will surely make the owner’s house safe and prosperous, and make the room shine.