Introduction to Glass Table

Introduction to Glass Table
The glass table has a clear, fresh and transparent texture. After the light is irradiated, it is rich in three-dimensional effects, which can make the space larger and more vibrant, and also make the glass coffee table full of vitality.
With the prevalence of craftsmanship to beautify the home, the shape and characteristics of the glass table are more varied. The modern glass table is suitable for a fresh and natural space; the glass and wrought iron table is suitable for the classical style space; the stone table has a beautiful texture and can convey a natural and simple feeling.
The overall shaped tempered glass table is full of streamliness, as if water is flowing in the living room. The other is a low table that uses alloy thin columns to connect the frosted glass table top with the pear wood legs. The legs are painted in silver gray or brown. They are perfectly combined with the frosted glass table top. It is crystal clear, slender and delicate, showing a sense of lightness and elegance. .
One side of the glass can be provided with patterns, and the mesochemical theory under the glass is more obvious. The base made of flowing water makes the whole table more dynamic. White reflects simplicity, and brown makes it more connotative.
4. If there is dust on the surface of the steel pipe and the dirt that is easy to remove, it can be washed with soap and weak washing. The binder component, use alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) to scrub; the surface of the steel pipe has bleach and various acids attached, immediately Rinse with water, then soak with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda water solution, wash with neutral detergent or warm water, dry and spray wax for maintenance.