Iron anti theft window

Iron anti theft window
Nowadays, more and more families pay more attention to anti-theft. Only by doing a good job in anti-theft can we ensure the safety of families and individuals from the influence of unstable factors. The iron anti-theft window is the anti-theft setting that many families will use. With the iron art anti-theft window, there is no need to worry about criminals entering from the window, which can also ensure the safety of indoor children climbing.
How about the iron window
Brief introduction of iron anti theft window
Iron art anti-theft window is a kind of anti-theft window, which uses the artistic technique of iron art to make the original rigid and unsightly anti-theft window artistic, which can be more matched with home decoration style.
Product advantages
1. Practicality and decoration
The opportunity for iron art to display its charm comes from people’s pursuit of environmental beauty. With the birth of a new building, a new family, a new decoration and a new storefront, an opportunity for iron art application is coming.
2. Safety and permeability
The pace of modern urban life is very fast, and the sense of security is more and more important to people.
3. Sustainability and environmental concepts
Iron art occupies a space for one person in architecture and decoration materials because iron art itself has good strength, wind resistance, anti-aging and insect resistance, which is incomparable with other materials.
Will iron burglar proof windows rust
1. Clean dust removal.
It is better to choose pure cotton knitwear as dishcloth to wipe the surface of iron window. For the window depression and relief decoration dust, it is best to use a soft wool brush to dust.
2. Keep away from acid and alkali.
Acid and alkali are the “number one killer” of iron window. If acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) and alkali (such as methylalkali, soapy water and soda water) are accidentally stained on the iron window, the dirty place should be washed with clean water immediately, and then dried with dry cotton cloth.
3. Keep away from the sun.
The installation position of the window should avoid the direct sunlight outside the window. If the iron window is exposed to the sun for a long time, the paint color will change; the paint layer will dry and peel off, and the metal will be oxidized and deteriorated. If you encounter strong sunlight and can not move the window, you can use curtains or blinds.
4. Keep away from moisture.
The indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value. The window should be far away from the humidifier. The metal will be rusted and the chromium plating will be stripped.
5. Eliminate rust.
If the window is rusty, don’t sandpaper it. If the rust is small and shallow, cotton yarn can be dipped in engine oil and applied to the rust area. After a while, the rust can be eliminated by wiping with cloth. If the rust has expanded and become heavy, it is necessary to ask the relevant technical personnel to repair.