Is it better to use wooden floor or tile floor for living room decoration?

The living room is also called the living room. It is the place where the host meets the guests and the facade of the house. The furnishings and colors of the living room can reflect the personality, characteristics, vision and personality of the owner. The living room should be light-colored, so that guests have a refreshing feeling, so that guests can relieve the fatigue of the day. The living room is the largest living space in the family living environment. It is the place where the utilization rate is highest and your personal hobbies are displayed. It is the activity center of the family. The decoration of the living room is mainly reflected by the wall, floor and top surface. The furniture configuration of the living room is mainly There are sofas, coffee tables, TV cabinets, etc. Put away

1. First consider the externality of the room. If friends or relatives often visit, ceramic tiles should be used, because wooden floors are not as good as ceramic tiles in water resistance, wear resistance and strength. The living room is a place where people come and go, and the tiles are more durable, while the wooden floor is difficult to maintain, but the wooden floor has a more comfortable texture. If the living room in your home is large, ceramic tiles should be chosen, and the cost is lower. If the living room is not large, wooden floors can be laid.
2. Choose the floor paving materials for the living room according to the home decoration style. Most modern families will adopt a modern minimalist style. If this style is used, choose 800*800 polished tiles. The retro European style may have a higher chance of using the floor, while in the pastoral style, both can be selected. Which one to lay depends on the owner’s preference and specific design.
3. Choose the floor paving materials of the living room according to the illumination. Generally speaking, wood floors have more dark colors. If the living room is not too light, the wood floor will make the space look darker. At this time, white polished tiles can be used to lay the floor of the living room to make it appear The living room space is more open and bright.