Is the dining chair easy to install?

Is the dining chair easy to install?
It is conceivable that a dining chair is a kind of chair used in dining. Dining chairs are also a kind of restaurant furniture. Dining chairs have many uses. Some dining chairs are used for Chinese food, and some are used for Western food. You can also drink coffee, office, bar chairs, etc., so many people will buy dining chairs, but some of them need to be installed by themselves after purchasing dining chairs. How to install dining chairs?

Dining chairs are used for many, and there are many materials , There are solid wood, steel wood, aluminum alloy, plastic, metal, glass, baby dining chair and other materials, so the installation of different chairs is not the same. Today we will introduce the installation of our more common dining chairs.

How to install the dining chair?

After we buy the Aing dining chair, there will be a legend telling how to install it. Today we will take a look at the installation of the ing dining chair. First of all, we need to take out all the shelves, and then install the two side shelves on the rolling bracket first. Pay attention to distinguish the left and right. The left and right are not interchangeable. After installation, use black at the place where the side frame and the bracket are combined. The screws are tightened. Some buy this place for spring installation, and the installation method is similar to this. Then find the thicker connecting rod, install it, and fix it with bolts at both ends. You can clamp it with pliers first, and screw the other end before screwing the other end. Pay attention to the anti-skid pad inside the nut. Yes, so tighten when screwing. After the above work is done, the rest is to install the seat. First, put the seat hook in the groove of the side frame.

When putting it in, you can adjust the backrest or hold the sides of the seat with your hands, or Hold the upper end of the seat to move the seat back and forth, taking care to fix the hook in place. After the hook is placed, it is necessary to install the lower link rod. When installing, you need to pass through the hole of the bracket first, and then pass through the side hole and groove. This is the case on both sides. The installation must be adjusted. Yes, find the best installation angle. After all the connecting rods pass through the holes, a section of the green plum card on the shore is then fitted with a red cover.  After all the above is done, you need to install the pedal under the seat. Align the pedal with the interface and install it with a little effort.

After the above installation is complete, install the shopping basket again. Installation is not only installation, but also adjustments to various parts, the adjustment of the front and rear parts of the dinner plate, the adjustment of the backrest, and the adjustment of the height of the seat. The above is the entire content of the dining chair installation introduced for you. We can see that the installation is actually relatively simple, and there will be prompts after purchasing the dining chair. Just follow the prompts to install it. The important thing is that the dining chair needs to be installed after installation. Make adjustments.