Is the functional sofa good?

Is the functional sofa good?
Functional sofa-introduction
Functional sofas are no different from ordinary sofas in appearance. There are two most common functional sofas. One is a manual functional sofa, which can be equipped with shaking and rotating functional sofas. The other is an electric functionally stretched sofa, which can be equipped with both shaking and rotating functional sofas. In addition, there is also a functional sofa bed, which can be used as a bed or a sofa, which is very convenient and practical, saving space, and is the best choice for small-sized families.
Functional sofa-features
Functional sofas are based on ordinary sofas, with posture adjustment and shape changes added, and even some functional sofas have health massage functions. The main feature of the functional sofa is that it has advanced features such as tilting, lying, swinging, swivel, and supporting lift. It can make the legs and the heart at the same level, promote blood circulation throughout the body, and achieve a state of zero load.
Functional sofa-maintenance
1. Cleaning the functional sofa: use a dry cloth and leather cleaning liquid to gently wipe the surface dust;
2. For stubborn dirt, use a soft cloth toothpaste for cleaning, and there is no need to use tax to clean after cleaning;
3. The strong light of the sun will have a certain impact on the leather color of the functional sofa, so the functional sofa should be placed in a place away from the sun and strong light;
4. Do not place the functional sofa in a damp place, and water must flow into the gap on the seat.