Italian style

The Italian style is the meaning of the general style of the ancient Greco-Roman tradition. It has developed into the dignity of people and the awakening of scientific value.

When it comes to Italian style, many people think of Milan and the Renaissance. However, the Italian-style home decoration is far more than that. Want to know what are the characteristics of Italian style? Want to know how we should choose in the decoration? Let me introduce you one by one. What are the characteristics of Italian style? One, Milan style    Milan style is divided into two types: Milan traditional style and Milan modern style. These two styles are equally important to the influence of international furniture styles. The traditional Milanese style is the endorsement of classicism, luxury and style. Accurate to every detail, it shows the rigorous court style and the magnificence of classical supremacy. What are the characteristics of Italian style     Milan modern style is exquisite and simple, revealing a strong sense of design, but it has a very noble temperament in the minimalist and modern style. There are several different minimalist styles around the world. Among them, the simplest is the Nordic minimalist style, the most industrialized is the German style, and the minimalist style is the Milanese modern style that reveals luxury and fashion. What are the characteristics of the Italian style? Second, the Tuscan style    The Tuscan traditional style is not as magnificent as other classical court styles. It is more like a sublimation of folk art with an approachable shape and a gentle and soft line. What Tuscany pursues is art, nature and elegance.   You will rarely see gorgeous floral patterns on traditional Tuscan furniture. Compared with delicate flowers like roses, Tuscan styles often use vines and other non-exaggerated decorative patterns. What are the characteristics of the Italian style? Third, the method of Venetian-style Venetian architecture is to first lay large piles on the soil under the water, and the wooden piles one by one. This is the foundation. Once it is firmly laid, planks are laid, and then the house is built. All houses are built like this. So some people say that the city of Venice is above the stone, and below is the forest.   Venetian style furniture is one of the most distinctive furniture styles in the world. The Venetian style is noble and elegant yet low-key and simple, which is famous for its elegant design style and expensive pure solid wood. What are the characteristics of Italian style? Four. Neo-classical style Neo-classical furniture style is more like a diversified way of thinking. It combines nostalgic romantic feelings with modern people’s needs for life, compatible with luxury, elegance and modern fashion, reflecting individuality The aesthetic point of view and cultural taste. The colors of neoclassical furniture are usually bolder than traditional styles. Create mood through color and create wonderful painting effects.   After reading the introduction of the editor above, you must be aware of the characteristics of Italian style. In fact, the Italian-style buildings not only represent the rise and fall of an era, but also reflect the cultural temperament of a nation. Might as well design one for your own home.

When you mention Italy, what do you think of? Culture? Football? In addition to having the top ten football teams in the world, Italy also has Italian-style interior design that is very interesting. Appreciation of Italian style interior design, let’s appreciate the Italian style design together. Appreciation of Italian-style interior design    chairs are from the classic design of Charles and Ray Eames in the 60s. The simple and generous chandelier illuminates the entire restaurant space. The oil painting on the wall shows the Italian cultural atmosphere. Appreciation of Italian style interior design   The living room is made up of various handmade cabinets. Whether it is a sofa, a coffee table, or a storage box, they are all tailored to the space structure of the house. If you want a special design, this kind of customized cabinet is indispensable. Appreciation of Italian style interior design    The yellow vases and flowers on the table seem to tell. In the house, you can see all kinds of works of art everywhere. Culture and art are also one of the important components of Italian style. Appreciation of Italian style interior design    In the kitchen, modern style elements can be seen everywhere. The open structure makes it an integral part of the living room. Because cooking Italian cuisine does not produce a lot of fumes like Chinese cuisine, the open kitchen design is not surprising. Appreciation of Italian style interior design    The old iron door evokes the feeling of retro. The huge glass windows bring natural light into the house, and the iron doors and windows reflect an industrial color. The open structure and bright lighting have a sense of randomness. Appreciation of Italian style interior design   The country-style bedroom gives people a sense of comfort and coziness, and the wooden floor gives people an endless warmth. The combination of glass windows and shutters is very homely. The windows, which are almost as wide as the walls, give the bedroom sufficient lighting. Appreciation of Italian-style interior design    This bookshelf is equipped with white spray paint and artistic printing, giving people a sense of elegant scrolling. In the center of the bookcase, a picture frame for photos is also designed. There are floor-to-ceiling windows directly next to the bookshelf, and the entire space is instantly widened. Appreciation of Italian style interior design   This is an Italian villa. Rustic wooden tables are placed in the common areas of the villa, and most rooms are decorated with chandeliers and artificial leather chairs. The complicated ceiling makes the time of the entire space flow back a hundred years in an instant. Appreciation of Italian style interior design    This is not the typical Bali island villa. The layout of this villa is like an Italian souk, but the interior decoration is more like French Baroque. The two styles are not contradictory but extremely harmonious. Appreciation of Italian style interior design   This is a traditional Italian nobleman’s bedroom. Honest, steady, graceful and noble design, luxurious bedding. Various furnishings show the infinite charm of the Florentine style.  I have finished reading the appreciation of Italian style interior design. Do you know the biggest feature of Italian style? By the way, it is randomness. They are enjoying the happiness that life brings them anytime, anywhere. This is the attitude of Italians in life, and this is also integrated into the Italian style interior design.

Italian-style furniture is based on the combination of classic and modern. Under this design concept, Italian-style design often gives people a retro feel. What are the characteristics of Italian furniture styles? Let me explain to you Italian style home furnishings. Analysis of Italian-style home furnishing 1. Roman style This is an era dominated by columnar structures. It pays attention to the enlightenment from the circular arch of the church. The artistic techniques such as carving and inlay are secondary. The materials are thick and the lines are simple. . The Roman column structure can be summarized into five basic column types. Among the five types of columns, Collins column, Ionian column and combined column are the most commonly used in furniture and furniture exhibition hall decoration. Analysis of Italian style home furnishings 2. Gothic style is a new style of furniture made of finely crafted and gorgeous pierced flowers. It is popular in France. It is dominated by spires, arches and vertical lines. It is towering, light, rich and delicate, Representatives of ancient buildings with deep influence include Westminster Abbey in England, Notre Dame Cathedral in France, and Cologne Cathedral in Germany.   To describe the Gothic architecture, people use this sentence: it jumps toward the sky like a flame, straight and upright. The furniture production of this period is mainly based on imitating the shape of the building. The existing furniture of this style is the most and authentic in Spain. Analysis of Italian style furniture 3. Renaissance style    The furniture of this period has become a product of antique art, and it is definitely a flower in the greenhouse. However, the art of painting in this period had a huge impact on furniture. Furniture makers began to pay attention to the patterns and colors of wood facing materials, and began to use natural colored wood to splice exquisite pictures.   People evaluate the furniture works of the Renaissance in this way: balanced, implicit, temperate, and full of rationality and logic. The important thing is that the furniture of this period did not form its own style, which was gradually submerged in the long river of history. Analysis of Italian-style home furnishings IV. Baroque style The word “Baroque” is Portuguese, which means a deformed pearl, which means irregular, distorted, and grotesque. The style was originally established in Italy. The furniture products of this period are magnificent, vivid, passionate, and unrestrained. In terms of technique, they used a lot of techniques such as carving, gilding, platinum, and tracing gold. Analysis of Italian-style home furnishing 5. Rococo style. Rococo style refers to the complex wavy curve imitating the shape of shells and rocks, with delicate carvings, in order to pursue the delicacy and magnificence in sports, and give people smoothness. Dynamic. Strictly speaking, the Rococo style is an interior decoration technique formed in the French court in the early 18th century. Rococo style furniture gradually replaced the Baroque style in the 1830s.   Through the editor’s analysis of Italian-style furniture, do you have a deep understanding of Italian-style furniture? In fact, many people do not know that Italian-style furniture has these five major styles. This tells us that we must pay more attention to the purchase of Italian furniture in the future.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy it in a quiet and leisurely environment. What a delightful thing. If you like Italian decoration style, when this quiet afternoon is coming and enjoying afternoon tea, please let the editor show you the renderings of Italian-style villas that emphasize the unique beauty of arches. Italian style villa decoration renderings overlooking this garden, first attracted by the unique floor tiles, not only used multiple colors, but also the patterns are more changeable, adding a youthful atmosphere to the garden. One side of the garden is filled with water. In the mini pond, hydroponic plants can be planted, and outdoor dining tables and chairs are placed in the outer corners, where you can eat in summer. Italian style villa decoration renderings   The garden area is not large, and the layout is very simple. Surrounding the wall are various plants, and in the middle are deck chairs and footstools. The artistic paving method of outdoor floor tiles makes the small garden instantly free from rigidity. Italian style villa decoration renderings    the dramatic living room, matt black and white walls, in contrast, create a classic country cottage with incomparable personality. Imagine living in such a room, life must be full of beauty. Italian-style villa decoration renderings    use textured carpets to decorate the pure white walls and floors, plus East China glass doors, making the home feel fresh and bright. Does this Italian style decoration have a classic taste? The design of the living room of the Italian style villa decoration, with an Italian country style fireplace, does not use too much decoration and design on the background wall, but focuses on the home , Furnishings of accessories. The living room adopts a high two-story design, which is luxurious and atmospheric. Italian-style villa decoration renderings    overlooking the entire living room from the upper floor, the natural, rustic, and unique Italian-style living room, very warm and family atmosphere. The indoor and outdoor are separated by a large glass wall, and the indoor and outdoor scenery are integrated and matched. Italian-style villa decoration renderings    The owner’s room is very simple, without too much decoration, and pursues a simple and free beauty. The light blue curtains are very refreshing. In Italian decoration, the simple style is also more and more popular. The decoration renderings of Italian-style villas use romantic Italian feelings, meticulous decorations, and exquisite patterns to blend the feelings of life, express a love and pursuit of life, and let the romantic exoticism come into life naturally. Space, savor carefully in life, in the main points of decoration and arrangement. Italian-style villa decoration renderings    The balcony in the living room is a classic Mediterranean style that you can see in many Italian dramas. The small balcony may be a sweet conversation place between Juliet and Romeo. Italian-style villa decoration renderings    The interior is paved with limestone materials, and the walls are made of white paint and plaster. In order to effectively unify every detail, it symbolically connects the three floors of the villa, adding a charming color to the space.   Afternoon tea time, the leisurely time ends slowly. After enjoying the decoration renderings of so many Italian-style villas, have everyone paid attention to their villas? Give yourself a piece of space and enjoy life.