Key points of ceiling construction in bathroom

Ceiling in bathroom 1. Main points of keel installation. At present, the ceiling decoration of bathroom is mainly made of light steel keel, and wood keel is generally not recommended because it is easy to be damp. Pay attention to leveling when installing the keel of the bathroom ceiling. The spacing deviation of the keel should be controlled within the allowable range of 1.5 meters. The keel should be installed in order. The keel, boom, and connecting parts should be in the correct position, and the materials should be flat, straight, and The connection is firm and there is no looseness. If there are suspended load-bearing parts, the horizontal secondary keel shall be added, and the distance between the boom and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm.

2. Main points of lighting installation. Large lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be fixed by separate keels. If they are directly placed on the aluminum gusset, it is easy to cause the aluminum gusset to fall off, causing certain safety hazards. If you install glass lamps, you should use tempered glass or laminated glass, which are safety glasses specified in the market.

3. Main points of water heater installation. If it is the ceiling decoration of the blank room, the water heater must be installed first. Generally, half of the electric water heater is exposed under the ceiling. The ceiling workers will cut the gusset and seal the edge according to the shape of the electric water heater; while the gas water heater is generally installed under the ceiling , If the smoke pipe is on the ceiling, just make a hole on the ceiling gusset.

Techniques to make the ceiling more beautiful. The ceiling of the bathroom is generally covered by a laminate to form a flat ceiling. If you want to make the ceiling more layered, you can wrap the pipes with wooden boards to form a false beam, and then install multiple pieces in the middle of the false beam. The wooden boards are made into parallel trabeculars, and aluminum gussets are added between the trabeculars to allow light to show through from above.