Key points of kitchen and bathroom decoration hydropower design

As people pay more and more attention to life, the design requirements for kitchen and bathroom decoration have become more stringent. The decoration of the kitchen and bathroom requires special attention to details. Once the waterproof and leakage prevention projects are not done, it is easy to have “sequelae”. Water leakage and electricity leakage not only directly affect the home environment of one’s own home, but also affect the relationship between neighbors, and even cause fire safety hazards. Let’s take a look at the introduction of related details such as kitchen and bathroom decoration skills and strategies.
1. Bathroom decoration water and electricity design waterway:   1, a washing machine faucet 2, a faucet for a mop pool (without a mop pool, it is better to leave a halter to clean the mop)   3, keep the water inlet and outlet of the water heater 4. Sit One interface 5. Two hot and cold water ports of the washbasin 6. Two drains: one washing machine and one shower circuit:    1. It is better to leave a socket behind the toilet (it is convenient to install toiletry in the future, if you don’t use it first) The electrician is required to wrap the thread and buckle a panel)   2, and leave a socket switch on the right side of the washbasin (you can blow the air after the shower and control the switch of the mirror light)   3, the socket of the washing machine (all power supplies must be worn The pcv tube must be 2.5 square bv “three”, the main lamp of the bathroom and the exhaust fan switch are generally outside the door of the bathroom; the line is generally on the ceiling)
  Notes:   1, wash basins, toilet water pipes, angle valves should be installed to facilitate future maintenance.  2. When installing other sanitary products, pay attention to avoiding the water pipes and circuits on the wall. Remember! It is best to check the archived photos of the water circuit in advance.  3. When workers install exhaust fans, pay attention to whether they install vent pipes and seals (some workers are lazy and save this step, your house will smell like a cottage every day)   4. It is best to install a waterproof box for the power switch.   5. After the pipeline is finished, a pressure test shall be carried out, and then waterproof treatment shall be done.   6. After the floor drain is installed, a flush test should be carried out quickly. (In the process of installation by workers, cement will fall into the sewer pipe! After a long time, it will be damp and solidify! Your sewer will be finished. 7. If the washing machine is reluctant to install in the bathroom, you can consider installing it in the balcony kitchen (this is very good Suggestions, we modify many homes and small halls for customers, which can also extend the life of the washing machine. (The premise is that there is water and power supply).    8. The floor drain should be opened frequently to clean the hair and other miscellaneous things inside. Then put some water inside! Prevent the smell!    9. There is a threshold stone at the door of the bathroom! Be careful to seal the bottom! Otherwise, if you are laying the floor outside, the water will flow over and soak.    10. Pay attention to the lights in the bathroom too! It is best to use cold light source anti-fog and waterproof energy-saving lamps, (features safe and energy-saving) I do not advocate the use of white flag lamps! If you use no more than 60 watts!   11, you can change the single tap of the washing machine to Mixing faucet!! In this case, hot water is available for washing clothes. 12 The choice of exhaust is also very important! The power must be high, but the sound must be low and not let the wind blow (choose from a big store).