Key points of open restaurant decoration

In order to save space in many small apartment decorations, an open design is adopted between the living room and the dining room. This is the open dining room. This not only saves space in the design, but also increases the transparency of the space. Because each has different functions, but most of the design styles belong to the same type, and the two are closely connected.

Let me talk about the meal preparation part first. The meal preparation space composed of modern kitchen utensils should have four basic functions: cooking, washing, adjusting and storing. To this end, it must have basic facilities such as cooking stove, sink, conditioning table, refrigerator storage cabinet and so on. In order to ensure the high efficiency of kitchen work, the combination of kitchen utensils composed of these four functions must be scientific and reasonable, otherwise it will be difficult to give full play to the performance of the unit kitchen utensils and improve the overall overall performance of the series in use. Therefore, kitchen equipment must meet the following requirements:

1. Kitchen utensils are required to first meet the coordination and cooperation of people, kitchen utensils, and storage items in terms of size and location. Many countries now formulate various size standards for kitchenware systems in the form of national standards based on their own human body measurement data.

2. The basic cooking process from meal preparation to meal can be summarized as: food storage, preparation, washing, preparation and cooking, catering, serving the table. The combination arrangement of the kitchenware system should be consistent with this basic process.

3. The arrangement and combination of kitchen utensils should be based on the “working triangle principle”. Different combinations of kitchen utensils have different lines for completing certain cooking tasks. According to expert research, the operating lines between the refrigerator in the storage center and the stove in the cleaning center can be combined into a triangle (commonly known as the working triangle). Generally speaking, the total length of the three sides of the triangle should not exceed 660 cm. When it exceeds, the cooking efficiency will be reduced. When the total length of the three sides of the triangle is 450 cm-660 cm, the work efficiency is the highest.