Key points of open restaurant design

Open restaurant 1. Space transformation should be clever. Each kitchen space will have basic structures such as firewalls or overhead beams during construction. When renovating the partition walls of the kitchen, the existing conditions of the structure must be taken into consideration, so as to “make the best use of the situation and use it cleverly”. If there are lintels on the wall to be renovated, it can be transformed into a bar light top instead of being removed, so as not to affect the stability of the building structure.
2. The style of furniture and cabinets should be unified. If your open kitchen is a combination of dining, kitchen and guest, you must consider the harmony between the living room and dining room furniture and kitchen furniture to ensure that the “open kitchen” can naturally blend into the overall home atmosphere.
3. Enough space for rotation. The placement of the dining table and chairs in the open kitchen should not affect the cooking space. When the dining chair is pulled out, the distance between the back of the chair and the cabinet should be more than 1 meter, while the general dining table and chair should occupy at least 2 meters in width. In addition to the depth of the cabinets, the length or width of the kitchen is required to be at least 3.6 meters.
4. Ventilation and smoke removal should be strengthened. For stoves in open kitchens, consideration should be given to choosing kitchen appliances that do not produce too much oily smoke. Therefore, high-power range hoods are an indispensable “smoke guard” in open kitchens. It is best to have a larger window, which can ensure good ventilation to reduce the smell of oily smoke in the room, and also make the light in the room brighter.
5. Keep enough storage space. There should not be too many cooking utensils on the countertop of the open kitchen to ensure its beauty. Therefore, the storage function of the cabinet needs to be as large as possible, and all the “unsightly” can be installed in the cabinet.