Key points of restaurant ceiling design

Restaurant ceiling 1. The design of restaurant ceiling should be based on the principle of comfort
Regardless of whether it is a standalone or a shared type, the unity of style in the space must be taken into consideration. The standalone type has more room to play and can add some bar counters, wine cabinets and other facilities to make its functions more perfect. The key point of the shared design is to coordinate with the adjacent space and distinguish it from the adjacent space to show the difference in use functions.
2. The importance of complementing the color design of the restaurant
The color design of the restaurant is actually very important. Usually the color close to the land, such as brown, brown or apricot, and light coral red close to the flesh color, is the most suitable. If you use gray, mustard yellow, purple or cyan appetite. Dark colors should also be avoided, and sometimes bright colors should be used as much as possible in order to balance the color uniformity of adjacent spaces.
3. Create a restaurant atmosphere
The restaurant should choose direct-lit spotlights, usually with chandelier as the main light, supplemented by spotlights or diffuser lights around to create an atmosphere. The height of the main lamp should be based on the dining table. It is suitable for people to sit down and the light is not dazzling. It is more ideal that the main lamp can be adjusted in height.
4. Restaurant ceiling design
If the ceiling of the restaurant is not very high, it is best to make a partial ceiling, make a shape, and highlight the level.