Key points of restaurant partition decoration

Restaurant partition refers to the half-section of the façade that specifically divides the space of the restaurant, which is not at the top, and mainly plays the role of dividing the space. It is similar in function to the partition wall. The biggest difference is that the partition wall is under the board, that is, the height of the facade is different, and the partition is generally not under the board, and some partitions can even be free. mobile. , Not only can distinguish the different functions of the space, but also enhance the sense of hierarchy of the space, or achieve the function of beautifying the space. According to the owner’s needs, different dining room partitions have different functions. Using the right place can make your room more colorful.  First, screen partition; incisively free division

The screen partition is characterized by its compactness and lightness, which can be moved at will, with a variety of colors, and put it wherever you want.  Secondly, glass partitions; the first choice for bathrooms   Glass partitions are bright and transparent, which can expand the space and are suitable for smaller rooms. The water-proof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion properties of glass also determine that it becomes the first choice for sanitary partitions. Glass partitions are best customized according to size, and are sold in major building materials markets.  Third, screen partitions; incisively free division    screen partitions are characterized by small and light weight, free to move, a variety of colors, where you want to put it.  Fourth, bead curtain partition; the eyes of the house  Bead curtain is the eye of the house, a beautiful bead curtain will make you more romantic.