Kitchen and bathroom decoration acceptance

Kitchen and bathroom acceptance method one
Check the ventilation of the bathroom. Check whether there are vents reserved under the suspended ceiling. If it is left on the suspended ceiling, check whether it can be installed with a flashlight. At the same time, test the draw force. Check whether there is construction waste in the bathroom vent with a flashlight; the bathroom is in the corridor. The windows should be installed with anti-theft nets; if there are no windows, ventilation holes should be installed. The diameter of the ventilation hole is 10 cm, and it is set under the ceiling; the distance between the socket nearest to the ventilation hole should be 1.5 meters, and it is a waterproof socket.
Kitchen and bathroom acceptance method two
Check the quality of toilets and bathing utensils, including checking whether there are cracks in the toilets and bathing utensils, whether there are leaks in bathtubs, toilets, washbasins, etc. The cracks are sometimes as fine as hair, so you must carefully observe; when checking and accepting the toilet, check the water Whether it is smooth, whether the flushing sound is normal, whether the flushing tank is leaking, whether the bathtub, basin and the wall or cabinet are properly waterproof.
Kitchen and bathroom acceptance method three
Whether there is water leakage on the toilet floor. Someone is taking a bath in the bathroom upstairs, and the bathroom downstairs may get a little dirty rain. This is because the waterproofing of the upstairs is not done well, so when the bathroom is accepted, it is necessary to coordinate with the upstairs to conduct a closed water test for each house. .
The specific acceptance method is to fill the sand upstairs and in the bathroom with plastic bags, block all the floor drains, and then fill it with water and keep it for 24 to 48 hours. There is no leakage in the bathroom downstairs, indicating that the bathroom is not waterproof. Only then can the waterproof be considered as qualified.
Kitchen and bathroom acceptance method four
Closed water acceptance, closed water acceptance takes a long time. If you find that the ground is not flat, you must smash all the floor tiles at the water storage area, re-waterproof the floor tiles, and re-inspect until there is no water. Tip: Don’t be afraid of troubles when checking and accepting the bathroom, otherwise there will be water seepage problems in the bathroom after entering the house. It is best to check and accept closed water for balconies with upper and lower water.
Kitchen and bathroom acceptance method five
The most intuitive thing for the acceptance of the kitchen is to look at the exhaust holes first, the diameter of the exhaust holes in the kitchen is not less than 15 cm. Home life is inseparable from the kitchen, cooking good dishes, naturally higher requirements on the kitchen. Therefore, be more careful when inspecting the kitchen. Check the kitchen ventilation. The area of ​​the kitchen ventilation window is 1/10 of the usable area. If the kitchen indoor area is 10 square meters, the open window area should be 1 square meter. In addition, the kitchen smoke exhaust hole has a diameter of 15 cm, and it cannot be installed if it fails to reach it. It must be carefully measured during acceptance.