Kitchen and bathroom decoration skills

1. General principles
1. The kitchen and bathroom are the key links of residential civilization, which should reflect the reasonable, comfortable, hygienic and safe arrangement of functions, equipment and facilities.
2. The principle of overall design should be followed, and the requirements of functions, equipment, facilities, pipelines, ventilation, lighting and other aspects should be considered comprehensively, reflecting scientificity, rationality and applicability, and there should be good connections between various equipment, facilities and pipelines. Interface measures.
3. All kinds of equipment, facilities, pipelines and layout should comply with the provisions of the principle of modular coordination, and coordinate and cooperate with each other.
4. The size selection and installation of various equipment and facilities should meet the requirements of ergonomics.
Two, equipment configuration
1. The kitchen should be equipped with sink, operating table, stove, shelving table, wall cabinet according to the basic functional requirements of washing, cutting, burning, and storage. The refrigerator should be installed in the kitchen, the stove and the corresponding range hood should be avoided. In the window position.
2. Range hoods and exhaust ducts should be installed. The ducts should meet the requirements of smoothness, no air flow, and no sound transmission. Direct exhaust can also be used, but attention should be paid to solving secondary pollution.
3. When the water heater is installed in the kitchen, there should be a place for installation to facilitate ventilation and pipe installation.
4. In addition to the top lighting, local lighting should be provided on the main operating surface, and there should be no less than 2 sets of electrical sockets, which should be convenient for the installation and use of range hoods and electric cookers.
5. The bathroom should meet the four functional requirements of bathing, defecation, face washing and makeup, and washing, and should be divided appropriately. Two bathrooms should be set up for large sets.
6. Sanitary ware should be arranged reasonably. Sanitary ware should be of water-saving type, and the location of the washing machine should be appropriate, with special water nozzles, floor drains and electrical sockets.
3. Pipeline requirements
1. Various vertical main pipes should be centrally arranged in the pipe well, and the location should be convenient for connection and maintenance.
2. Horizontal pipes should be set up. The kitchen horizontal pipes are generally located behind the kitchenware or in the corner space below. The toilet should be arranged on this floor, or the floor slab should be sunk, or the pipe wall should be used to avoid the maintenance of the pipeline. Contradictory with leakage.
3. Use remote metering or magnetic card metering to reduce unsafe accidents due to meter checking.
Four, interior decoration
1. Kitchen and bathroom wall decoration should be made of clean and hygienic tiles or non-scrubbing paint, and the floor should be made of non-slip materials.
2. The lamps are mainly ceiling-mounted, and the illumination should be 50~75Lx.
3. Simple, bright and elegant colors should be used, and the various colors of kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, walls and floors should be coordinated, unified and harmonious.