Kitchen and bathroom decoration strategy

1. Summer decoration water evaporation reduces viscosity
In summer tile decoration, high temperature weather will accelerate the evaporation of water. After the water in the cement mortar evaporates, the adhesion of the cement mortar will be greatly reduced. If it is affected by greater weather, even if there is no problem with the paving, a series of problems such as empty drums may occur.
2. Tile paving must also “lock in moisture”
The editor reminds everyone that when laying tiles in summer, whether it is for tiling or leveling of the ground, when it is dry in the future, not only moisture is needed, but more importantly, moisture must be locked to ensure moisture. No loss. Therefore, to summarize the process of laying tiles, it is best to sprinkle some water on the leveled ground or the already laid tiles every day.
3. Choose small size tiles for smaller area
Generally, the kitchen room is relatively small, with windows, doors and cabinets, and the net area is relatively small. In order to avoid waste and maintain the coordination of the space, small size tiles should be selected, so that the waste of paving will be very little, avoiding large-size tiles Many inconveniences caused by construction such as cutting.
4. Planning costs in advance
In home decoration, many owners are concerned about the cost of decoration. Everyone has a different understanding of home. How can we decorate the most perfect home with limited funds? Therefore, you must plan well before decoration. Only good planning can reduce the cost.
5. The back of the cabinet should not be tiled
Because there are a lot of cabinets in the kitchen, the back of the cabinets should not be tiled, because it is a waste to put tiles in such a place completely hidden by the cabinets.
6. Matte tiles are also easy to clean
Avoid the use of tile waistline, because the use of waistline in a small space will make the space appear messy and cumbersome, but it can be decorated with a few flower pieces to make the kitchen reveal a little vitality and romance.
It is best to lay matte tiles. Matte tiles make people feel difficult to clean. In fact, this is wrong. Good quality matte tiles are not only very easy to clean, but their delicate and simple luster can show the owner’s elegance. Aesthetics makes the taste of the kitchen more harmonious and natural.
7. When laying vitrified tiles, timely cover protection
Vitrified tiles actually have many pores in the microscopic state, which are hard to see under the naked eye. In order to prevent stains when leaving the factory, a layer of wax is generally applied to the surface. If you do not pay attention to timely protection, the wax layer will be worn off, then some stains will be difficult to clean when finished.
8. The cement used is exquisite
There are many labels when using cement, that is, there are 325, 425, 525, 625 and many other special cements. Generally speaking, the higher the label, the more expensive the price, but the higher the label, the more expensive the better. .