Kitchen and bathroom integrated design

The overall white design makes this space look very clean. The long space is full of light and the design is also very reasonable. The cabinets are arranged on both sides of the space, leaving the middle aisle, and the line of sight follows the direction of the floor. Saw a door leading to the backyard.
The sink and cabinets designed by the window make the operation in the kitchen more convenient. The all-white cabinets make the space extremely clean. The disinfection cabinets are also set in the cabinets. The cabinets with sufficient storage space also have more powerful functions.
Cooking food in such a clean and fresh kitchen is full of the sentiment and fun of life. High-tech stoves bring more convenience to kitchen work. The top of the range hood is covered with a cabinet door, which looks more beautiful and makes the kitchen space more integrated.
The restaurant is located at the other end of the long and narrow space. A large round table is very elegant, and dining chairs are designed as a deck. The dining table is surrounded by three walls, bringing a more comfortable dining experience.
The washing machine is adjacent to the dryer and the kitchen, giving the space a good extension. Small curtains and clocks on the wall are cute and playful embellishments in the space. In addition, a little bit of green plants at will also give this space new life.
Opposite the washing machine is the bathroom, which is just beside the back door of the house, which is also more convenient to use. Although this small sink is simple, it is very convenient.