Kitchen Cabinet Color Feng Shui

Kitchen Cabinet Color Feng Shui
1. The color of the cabinet affects people’s appetite
What color is good for kitchen cabinets? Generally speaking, a brighter kitchen color combination can make kitchen furniture show a clean and pleasant atmosphere, which also stimulates people’s appetite. For example, white, milky white, milky yellow, yellow, these colors seem to be synonymous with food such as milk, egg yolk, butter, fruit, etc., which is imaginative. The cool blues and greens are also very attractive, and it feels like a cool summer drink.
2. Rich and strong colors stimulate appetite
For example, red gives a feeling of full of vitality and has a strong appetite energy. The effect of the red seat is the most obvious. If you have a poor appetite, sitting on the red chair will make you hungry. Coffee color also has a good effect on stimulating appetite, making you seem to smell a strong chocolate or coffee taste. Appropriately place some accessories in the kitchen, such as coffee-colored gadgets, this is an elegant flavoring agent.
Three, the popular color display of kitchen cabinets
Yellow cabinets: In the kitchen decoration space, the warm goose yellow can be said to be refreshing. The warm colors are very intimate. The application of color not only adds color to the entire kitchen space, but also a beautiful landscape of the space. The design of the L shape will also meet the daily needs and habits of modern people.
Red cabinet: red, bright color, passion and full of vitality, its use will reflect the love of life. In this cabinet, the bright red cabinet, the simple lines on the surface of the cabinet door, and the golden handle, seem to be a passionate Scottish coat. The design of the II shape will also organize the ten people, and the storage space is very Rich, there will be no storage problems.
Natural wood cabinets: No matter how good it is, solid wood will be the most classic. It will also be a choice that people will not easily experience visual fatigue as people use it and like it. The marble countertops and light-colored patterns are intertwined with the heavy colors of the cabinet, making the entire space and the visual effect very harmonious and beautiful.